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Neal’s Yard Dairy Film: the beauty of cheesemaking

Over the last 2 years, Harry Darby, a film-maker who works for Neal’s Yard Dairy in Great Britain, has been making a film which looks at what goes into the dairy and cheese making process. Neal’s Yard buys cheese from about seventy cheesemakers on farms around Britain and Ireland, ages it, and sells it to shops and restaurants all over the world.

This film is shot on 16mm film and focuses on 3 of the cheesemakers they  work with: Martin Gott in Cumbria and Jamie Montgomery and Mary Holbrook in Somerset.  It is a beautiful film, and we sat around in a staff meeting last month and watched it in silence, dazed by the tranquility of the farm-scapes, and how disciplined the milking goats are! Taking a few minutes to watch this film will really make you appreciate the artisinal cheese you put in your mouth!

Here’s their film: