The Month We’ve Been Waiting For: Eat Good Food is Coming to Town!

We’ve been counting down the days to October 18th for many months, and can’t believe it’s within reach! Two weeks from today, Eat Good Food will be available online and in bookstores across the country. I have to say it’s a weird sensation to think this is the first time readers will be able to bring Bi-Rite’s philosophy to their own kitchens and shopping baskets. My greatest hope is that readers will use the information I’ve learned from life in the grocery aisles to become more confident shoppers, and thereby inspired to cook more at home!

I’m honored to be speaking about Eat Good Food at a handful of events in San Francisco and other cities over the next couple of months, and hope that you will join me. Below is a list of the events we have planned; please click on the link to view our google calendar, which has more details about each event and how to reserve your spot.

Our full event calendar, with details on how to register

If you follow us on twitter and facebook , we’ll be sharing updates on new events.  Hope to see you in person over the coming months!

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