BN Ranch Beef: What Makes it Unique

Today is a big day: we roll out this year’s BN Ranch grass fed beef in our meat case!  Bill Niman’s seasonal, grass-fed beef is only available for a few weeks out of every year; I asked him to join us as a guest blogger and share more about what makes his beef  unique. Here’s what he said:

Beginning this week, and for the following ten weeks, BN RANCH will be making a very limited offering of grass grown and finished beef from our own ranch in Bolinas (Marin County).

This beef will be quite different than other beef in the marketplace today. For starters, it comes from truly mature beef. These cattle were nearly three years old at harvest (a full year older than most beef at slaughter) which provides a unique flavor and finish. Additionally, these animals were slaughtered directly off our pastures – not a feedlot or dry-lot — at precisely the moment they reached their peak condition. Just as elk and venison have a peak moment, so does beef that is truly grass raised and fattened. In our view, the very best grass-fed beef is a seasonal offering like great ripe tomatoes, peaches, and Beaujolais Nouveau.

One of our Grass Hereford Angus Cattle

The exact time of year when cattle on grass will achieve prime condition varies slightly from year to year, according to climate and geography. And for us, this year, the moment is now.
This year’s BN RANCH beef will come from 75 Black Angus and Hereford-Angus-cross animals, all born from our own breeding cows on our Bolinas ranch. They spent their entire lives on pasture. It goes without saying that none of these animals was ever given hormones, or fed antibiotics or any meat or fish by-products. They were raised entirely on mother’s milk and natural forage (including a very small amount of hay), and according to the highest possible animal welfare and environmental standards.

We have been perfecting this method for excellent grass-fed beef (similar to traditional methods that prevailed before World War II) for the last eight years. We believe you will find it to be the finest grass fattened beef available.

Join me and the Bi-Rite team at 18 Reasons on June 10th for a tasting and discussion of how we bring our meat to you. Two sessions, 6-7 pm or 7:30-8:30 pm. Tickets here, $25 for 18 Reasons members or $35 for the general public.

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  1. Kim says:

    Sorry to say I’ll miss the dinner but I won’t miss picking up some steaks from the market – hat tip to Mike for the custom cuts!