Making it Easier for Wild Salmon to Swim Upstream

Today, 100% of sales of raw salmon from our fish case and grilled salmon filets from our deli case will go directly to Salmon Aid.  Kenny Belov, who runs  Two x Sea (the amazing Sausalito-based sustainable seafood source that hooks us up with some of our favorite locally sourced fish), brought us on board to help spread the word about supporting wild salmon.

Wild salmon need our support–these legendary fish are in trouble! They face problems migrating upstream – dams block their path, climate change is warming their waters, and the rivers themselves are being diverted from their natural paths. Farmed salmon operations, meanwhile, are polluting the oceans and making it harder for wild salmon to successfully spawn.

We hope you’ll support our first-ever “Dine Out for Wild Salmon” event! The money we raise will be used by Salmon Aid to increase awareness about the plight of West Coast salmon and the rivers they depend upon. This will educate the Bay Area public about the importance of protecting wild salmon, why they’re in trouble, and how we can work together to save them.

Kenny will be in front of the Market from 4:30 to 7:00 today teaching our staff and guests about Wild Salmon–come by and pick his brain, he’s a complete wealth of information on any question you have about salmon or any other seafood catching, sourcing and eating!

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