Raising Lucca and Palermo: The First Two Cows from our Farm in Sonoma

This one is Lucca!

This is as close as we can get: in our quest to get closer to where our food comes from, we embarked on a partnership with Rich Andreotti of Circle JR Ranch. For the past year and a half, we have been renting an acre of farmland from Rich to grow various veggies. You might have tasted the super sweet broccoli di cicco, tender potatoes, little gem lettuces and soon to arrive tomatoes in the deli. The other five acres of pasture have been the home and foraging ground of Lucca and Palermo (also the towns that Rich and his wife Joanne come from in Italy), two 100% black angus steers that we’ve watched roam and lovingly fed broccoli stalks and fennel! They’re 100% grass fed and finished, never treated with any antibiotics or synthetic hormones,  and as local as we can get (raised only 40 miles from SF).

A well marbled New York steak

The cows were processed at Rancho in Petaluma and are now being aged at Golden Gate Meats in Santa Rosa. Jim, Jonni and Jeff of Golden Gate Meats gave Morgan and I a tour of the plant and walked us through our first whole steer cut sheet! We were pretty excited to see that our beef was wonderfully marbled, which is difficult to attain in grass fed beef. The Golden Gate Meats team actually told us they’re a couple of the prettiest carcasses they’ve ever seen.

Morgan looking over the hind quarter with Jim, owner of Golden Gate Meats

Once they have finished dry aging for 24 days, we will have them available in our butcher counter, by the week of August 8th at the latest.

We’ll also be making burgers from the chuck for the 18 Reasons Barn Dance Barbeque and Fundraiser (tickets still available) that will take place on the same land they were raised on! I can’t wait to taste it.…and once the barn dance is over, we’ll bring 3 more cows to raise on the land over the next couple of years!

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