We’re Serious About Turkeys

At Bi-Rite we get pretty serious about Thanksgiving, especially about turkeys. As the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner, turkey has become cliché due to its sheer abundance and reputation for bland dry meat. BN Ranch Heritage Turkeys prove that fresh turkey really is something to celebrate and doesn’t have to be dull. As descendants of wild turkeys indigenous to North America, the Heritage birds are lean, muscular and beautiful. Their meat is darker and more intense than broad breasted white turkeys, and their lineage can be traced directly to famed turkey rancher Frank Reese’s Heritage Turkey flock in Kansas. The bottom line is this: Heritage Turkeys are the most flavorful turkey out there! You’ll be eating turkey that looks and tastes more like it did a hundred years ago.
We are also proud to carry the Bi-Rite staple, Diestel Ranch turkeys, and newbie BN Ranch Broad Breasted turkeys. All of our turkeys are fresh, antibiotic and hormone free, given all-natural vegetarian feed and live with plenty of space to roam and exercise. For more on Heritage turkeys check out Frank Reese’s story. Happy Thanksgiving.

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