Holiday Prime Rib

Grass fed and grain finished, the quality and tenderness of Five Dot beef is hard to beat.  The cows are pasture raised in Northern California, finished on California grown barley and rice, and are 100% hormone and antibiotic free.  As seventh generation family ranchers, Five Dot is committed to sustainable land management, humane husbandry practices and to producing the best tasting beef possible.

Regularly $16.99/lb, now $15.99/lb while supplies last through the holidays; order now to reserve your cut! 415-241-9760


The ribs need nothing more than a generous sprinkling of kosher or coarse sea salt and roasting until rare to medium rare (about 110 to 120 degrees). Overcooking will result in dry, less tender meat.  Be sure to let the roast rest for 20 minutes before carving to ensure more juicy slices of delicious beef.

Comments from some of our guests:

“This is how beef is supposed to taste”

“It’s delicious: rich and meaty, full-flavored and pure”

“It’s the cleanest beef I’ve ever tasted, there is no fatty or greasy aftertaste.”

Grass-fed Beef is Healthy

Grass-fed beef contains 10 times more beta-carotene than beef not raised on grass; studies have shown that it’s important for:

  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Maintaining healthy vision, skin and bones

Grass-fed beef contains three times more vitamin E than beef not raised on grass, and research reveals that it helps:

  • Prevent cancer
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease

Healthy fats—the omega-3 fatty acids—are present in three times the amount in grass-fed beef, and have been shown to:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Maintain healthy brain function
  • Prevent and slow the growth of many cancers
  • Prevent arthritis
  • Prevent and treat depression

Grass-fed beef contains three times more CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid, which is another of the healthy fats and has been shown to be good at:

  • Lowering LDL cholesterol (the so-called “bad” cholesterol)
  • Lowering the risk of diabetes
  • Lowering the risk of heart disease
  • Lower the risk of many cancers

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