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Good Food Sunday with Grace Lo

Good Food begins with relationships: relationships with vendors, farmers, and community. If you ever get the chance to volunteer for the Good Food Awards, jump at the opportunity! Meet driven food crafters who care about what goes into their product, passionate vendors who provide a platform for artisan food crafters to thrive and common folk like me who love to learn more about responsibly-made goods!

Working ticket sales at the Good Food Awards Marketplace on Sunday, was the perfect spot to educate people about what ‘good food’ means, and get them excited to sample winning products. There was everything from beer to confections to preserves to cheese to honey!

Pro tip #1: Get there EARLY so you beat the crowds, actually get the chance to speak to the crafters, and hear the story behind their product. Things do sell out!

Pro tip #2: Bring a tote bag because once you sample everything, there’s no way you can resist buying some to take home!

Let’s continue on the Good Food rampage to the Cheese Monger Invitational, where it was an all-you-can-taste cheese extravaganza. There was every type of cheese imaginable, plus cheese hors d’oeuvres, cheese fondue, and grilled cheeses. If you missed out, you can still get a taste of heaven from our upcoming Beer and Cheese package, complete with tasting notes and savory garnish. Beer week is coming up in San Francisco, and good food can really bring out the flavors in your beer. We are here to help make sure you pair wisely!