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3 Reasons To Experience West Coast Craft

beer & cheese packageThe weather is warming up, so get your gang together to explore the finest Northern California cheeses like you’ve never experienced them before, paired with select craft beers from the West Coast and beyond! Whether you’re with your coworkers, family, friends, or book club, there is always a reason to bring people together over cheese. Read on to get the scoop on how our West Coast Craft: Beer & Cheese Experience will liven up your next party:

#1 Get to Know Local: We pride ourselves in providing our guests with the very best, responsibly-produced food and beverages, many of them crafted right in our own backyard! Our West Coast Craft tasting experience allows you to deeply explore our selection of the Bay Area’s finest cheeses through craft beers.

  • The Saint George cheese is from our neighbors up north in Santa Rosa, CA, who emigrated from the Portuguese Azores and brought with them recipes for their homeland’s native cheeses. This cheese is buttery yet sharp, with a pleasing mouth feel and rich texture.
  • Brewed right here in the Presidio of San Francisco, the KSLA Kolsh-Style Ale is light, crisp, and refreshing. One of Fort Point Beer Company’s core beers, they deliver to our door – you can’t get more local than that! It pairs beautifully with light, fresh cheeses.

#2 Throw Out the Status Quo: We all know wine and cheese pairs well together, but beer can often be a better match for cheese. The carbonation in beer pairs extremely well with the salt and creaminess in cheeses, plus it cleanses the palate to keep it lively. Both beer and cheese are agricultural products – pairing them together truly brings out the terroir of each!

#3 One Stop Party: Take your gathering to the next level by creating the perfect interactive ambiance. Beyond the cheese and beer themselves, we’re making this a true experience with tasting glasses for you and your guests, tasting notes and pairing suggestions from our Cheese and Beer Buyers, and rounding it all out with our amazing charcuterie platter – it’s a party all in one package.

Whether you’re planning an office icebreaker or a unique take on an engagement party, bring your friends and family together over West Coast Craft.  Call us today (415) 321-8070 x 1, or order online!