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Earth Day the Bi-Rite Way

This Earth Day we want to share with our values with you and give you a glimpse into our daily processes for preparing your food. We understand the impact food companies leave on the environment, and we do our part to mitigate waste as much as possible. When people understand where their food comes from, they are joining our mission to spread awareness in environmentally conscious catering. AS FRESH AS YOU CAN GET Starting with organic, locally sourced food, our kitchen orders all ingredients fresh per order. This not only gives the finest flavors to our dishes, but also helps ensure that there will not be leftover ingredients for waste. COMPOST + RECYCLE Compostables are environmentally friendly, and not to mention eco-chic! We minimize our carbon footprint by offering compostable items for a small fee, which also leaves an easy clean-up for you after your event. Add in our new authentic Kraft butcher paper table covering and not only are you a trend-setter but also a smart composter. When you support companies that do good, you are doing good, and you create a demand in your community to let those good food companies thrive and push other companies to raise their food standards. Don’t settle for tasty food, raise your standards and get good AND environmentally conscious food. Help us keep the Earth clean and next time you are having a party or picnic in the park, think of us and be proud to know where your food comes from. Thank you for using sustainable catering and being a steward of the...