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Farm Highlight: Mary’s Chickens

IMG_2702 Last week we had the opportunity to visit one of our vendors, Pitman Family Farms known for Mary’s Chickens, and learn their story.  Along with 30 other Bi-Rite employees, we traveled to Sanger, CA where we were lucky enough to experience a private guided tour lead by members of the Pitman family. The tour consisted of visiting the hatchery, turkey and chicken farms, and processing plant. Not only was I inspired by their ethical and environmental standards, but also their passion for Good Food and community. By sharing my experience I hope to connect you, our guests, to our producers.

Animal Welfare

Walking onto the farm we saw chickens playing in a clean and open environment. They have plenty of space to roam indoors and outdoors. They even have hay bales and eucalyptus branches to enrich their environment. One of the most surprising aspects of the farm was that it did not smell!

Processing Plant

The cleanliness of the factories was amazing. We got a tour of the hatchery, where they incubate the eggs and a tour of the processing plant. They take the health and safety of their animals seriously at every step of the process.

Integrity & Sustainability

It is clear that the Pitman family advocates the importance of community, which is evident by the boost in the local economy and the abundance of good jobs. They also care about their environmental impact – they use eco-friendly packaging on all their products.

IMG_2703The openness of the employees at Mary’s Chickens in sharing their story was incredible – they answered any questions we had and were very transparent and informative with their procedures and techniques. It is very rare to find a meat producer who can trace each step of their farm to table process – and who also is so willing to share! Thanks to places like Mary’s Chicken we continue to provide our customers the best quality in flavor, sustainability, and integrity.