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2015 Early Summer Peak of Season Menu

    early summer

Seasonal Party Platters

Farms and Ranches used on this menu include:
Llano Seco
BN Ranch
Aedan Foods
Laura Chenel
Mariquita Farm
Catalan Farm
Capay Organic Farm
Happy Boy Farms
Cowgirl Creamery
New Moon Organics
Fully Belly Farm

Veg = Vegetarian | V = Vegan | GF = Gluten-Free | N = Contains Nuts

Savory Summer Corn and Goat Cheese Tartlets
with Piquillo Peppers and Fresh Marjoram (Veg)
small (30 Pieces) $60
large (50 pieces) $95
*available for delivery only

Seasonal Focaccia Flatbread*
with Honey-Roasted Peaches, Llano Seco Bacon, Goat Cheese and Fresh Thyme
(36 Two-Inch Pieces) $60
*available for delivery only

Eggplant Caponata Cucumber Cups
with Tomato, Peppers, Celery, Capers and Balsamic Vinegar (Veg, GF)
small (30 Pieces) $60
large (50 pieces) $95

Belfiore Bocconcini Mozzarella and Cherry Tomato Skewers
with House made Basil Pesto (Veg, GF)
small (30 Pieces) $60
large (50 pieces) $95

Grilled Coriander and Chili Rubbed BN Ranch Beef Sirloin Skewers (N)
Served with a Thai Peanut Sauce
small (30 Pieces) $85
large (50 pieces) $135

Seasonal Sandwiches

Veg = Vegetarian | V = Vegan | GF = Gluten-Free | N = Contains Nuts

Focaccia Finger Sandwiches
with Harissa-Grilled Eggplant, Tomato, Cucumber and Hummus $75 (V)   (36 Two-Inch Pieces)

Mini-Acme Baguette Finger Sandwiches with Creminelli Prosciutto
Belfiore Mozzarella, Basil and Balsamic Vinegar $60 (24 Two-Inch Pieces)

Mini- Acme Baguette Finger Sandwiches with Grilled BN Ranch New York Strip Loin
Roasted Red Peppers, Grilled Onions, Chimichurri Sauce and Mixed Greens $70 (24 Two-Inch Pieces)

Seasonal Entrees, Salads and Sides

Veg = Vegetarian | V = Vegan | GF = Gluten-Free | N = Contains Nuts

Each serves 12 to 15

Summer Corn and Tomato Salad
with Mediterranean Cucumbers, Peppers, Red Onions, Cilantro and Parsley  $60 (V, GF)

Lebanese Lentil Salad
with Grilled Halloumi Cheese, Mediterranean Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, and Harissa Vinaigrette $60 (Veg, GF)

Tabouli Salad with Cracked Green Wheat
Tomatoes, Parsley, Mint, Green Onion and Lemon $60 (V)

 Roasted Gold Beet and Peach Salad
with an Aedan Foods White Miso and Golden Balsamic Vinaigrette $60 (V,GF)

Arugula and Roasted Peach Salad
with Laura Chenel goat cheese, Toasted Pecans and Sherry Vinaigrette $60 (Veg, N, GF)

 Mixed Greens with Summer Pole Beans
Roasted Sweet Corn, Ricotta Salata Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and Lemon- Tarragon vinaigrette $60 (Veg,GF)

Seasonal Fruit Salad $55 (V, GF)


Veg = Vegetarian | V = Vegan | GF = Gluten-Free | N = Contains Nuts

One dozen per order; one flavor per dozen Veg
Mini: $24
Full Size: $35

Lemon Yogurt Cupcake
with Cream Cheese Filling and Blueberry Buttercream

Chocolate Midnight Cupcake
with Malted Vanilla and Milk Chocolate Buttercream

Carrot Cake with cream cheese buttercream
1/4 Sheet: $45
1/2 Sheet: $89