Desserts & Baked Goods

All baked goods are made from scratch by our Creamery & Bakeshop. We ask that orders from the Creamery be placed 2 days in advance of your event and 3 days in advance for cake (the cut-off is at 3pm).

Veg = Vegetarian | V = Vegan | GF = Gluten-Free | N = Contains Nuts

Seasonal Sweets 

One dozen per order; one flavor per dozen Veg
Mini: $24 per dozen
Full Size: $35 per dozen

Lemon Yogurt Cupcake
with Cream Cheese Filling and Blueberry Buttercream

Chocolate Midnight Cupcake
with Malted Vanilla and Milk Chocolate Buttercream

Carrot Cake with cream cheese buttercream
1/4 Sheet: $45
1/2 Sheet: $89

Our Always-Sweet Menu

Mini Chocolate-Salted Caramel Cups $40
1 dozen per order Veg

Cookie Delights $35
selection includes chocolate chip, pecan toffee chocolate chip, coconut macaroons, lemon gingersnaps, caramel walnut oat, raspberry brown butter, salted peanut milk chocolate cookie, and chocolate pecan coffee crunch. 36 pieces. Choose up to 3 flavors. Veg, N

Bars $45
selection includes chocolate brownies, honey-almond bars, and apricot oatmeal bars.
Your choice of 24 full size or 48 bite-size. Veg, N

Lemon Curd Tartlettes $65
25 pieces Veg

Chocolate Cream Tartlettes $65
25 pieces Veg

Chocolate Pôts de Crème Mini ($40) and Full Sized ($55)
Anne and Kris’ famous recipe! (per dozen) Veg, GF, N

Veg = Vegetarian | V = Vegan | GF = Gluten-Free | N = Contains Nuts