Mese di Formaggio Italiano

Come celebrate Italian cheese month with us!  Every month we look forward to highlighting cheeses from a particular country or region, and May marks the start of our celebration of the bounty of Italy.  Cheeses, like traditional cooking, vary dramatically by region and we’re tried to assemble an interesting selection with a sense of place.

We’ve just cracked open some cheeses that we’re loving!

Testun al Barolo—a beautiful and striking cow and sheep milk blend from the Piedmont, based on an ancient mountain recipe.  Earthy, and fruity, this cheese is covered in Barolo must and aged for at least 5 months.

3-Milk Robiola di Langhe—another gorgeous mixed-milk cheese, this one sheep, goat, and cow, from Langhe, the agricultural heart of the Piedmont.  This creamy cheese is very representative of the region’s robiole.   Bright, tangy, with a little bit of the barn!

Robiola Rustica—think of this as Lombary’s take on the robiole.  Fans of Taleggio will notice some similarity, this small-format washed rind cheese is pleasantly pudgy with fruity, yeasty notes, and a nutty finish.

Pecorino di Pienza a Crosta Nera—ewes grazing in the famed Val’ d’Orcia produce the milk for this sweet and nutty pecorino.  Perfect with some honey and toasted hazelnuts.

Canestrato di Moliterno—a classic Southern Italian pecorino with a twist—added goat’s milk—for additional complexity.  A bolder alternative to the elegant Pecorino di Pienza, this cheese is well-suited to full-bodies, aged red wines.

And Gustosella, our favorite mozzarella di bufala, is on special for $6.50 all month!

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