Pulling out all the stops for the holiday cheese course

Do you want to really impress your guests with minimal effort? Wow them with a few of the special cheeses we’ve gotten our hands on just in time for the holidays. Add some whole persimmons, pears, or apples, a scattering of walnuts or almonds, a cracker or two, and you’re ready to host! It’s fun to go European-style and serve a few cheeses after the meal to finish it right. We’re so excited to offer these gorgeous cheeses made in small batches using old style methods:

Andante Selections Reblochon Fermier—the second collaborative effort from Andante we’re lucky enough to feature.  In an effort to import a true Reblochon, cheesemaker Soyoung Scanlan has been working with French affineur J. Paccard to create a 3 pound wheel that is made with raw milk, but due to its larger size can be aged longer with good results.  This should be soft, runny and taste like the farm.

Andante Selections Beaufort Alpage—If you don’t take a moment to ask us for a taste of this cheese, we think you’re crazy. This is a subtle but extremely nuanced cheese from the Haute-Savoie that was made from summer milk of cows raised in the high pastures of the Savoie stretching over the Beaufortain, Tarentaise, Maurienne, and part of the Val d’Arly regions. It owes its creamy fruity character to the milk of herds grazing on these high Alps.

Rolf Beeler Hoch Y Brig—From the preeminent Swiss affineur Rolf Beeler, Hoch Y Brig is a mountain cheese made from cow’s milk in Canton Schwyz, Switzerland during the summer months. It is in the Alpage family of cheeses, developing its unique character from being washed in a white wine brine.

Colston Bassett Stilton—England’s classic Christmas darling from Neal’s Yard Dairy.  Traditionally enjoyed by the British around Christmas time, this blue shows very well in December, as it is made with rich summer pasteurized cow’s milk and at its peak age.

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