Dessert Art

Josh at the Creamery has recently joined the iphone set, and quickly found out about instagram, the new rage in sharing iphone pics. Combine that with hours spent around gorgeous cakes, cookies and ice cream sundaes, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing a LOT of pictures to drool over coming down the line! (He’s got a good little library going on the Bi-Rite Creamery facebook page, which I recommend you “like” today.)

For now, I give you his take on our White Chocolate Cheesecake (it has a chocolate crust and a crown of raspberries) snapped right before they wheeled it over to the Market for sale. There are a handful of these (sized to serve 4-6) left for any of you who are reading this before you head home from work and need to grab the perfect finish to your Valentine’s dinner.

If you want to see the other gorgeous Creamery desserts for sale at the Market (Double Chocolate Tartlettes brushed with gold, Vanilla & Chocolate Mini Valentine’s Cupcakes, or the Chocolate Silk Pie with Malted Whipped Cream, to name a few) I recommend you get to the Market to see them in person–Josh hasn’t gotten those on film yet, a man’s gotta make a living too!

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