Morbidly Delicious

We’re making a blood orange float at Bi-Rite Creamery to take advantage of the peak of citrus season.

It felt like a scene from Dexter as the red juice gushed from the citrus that we make into a blood orange soda using seltzer from Seltzer Sisters, a small San Francisco company that delivers sparkling water to us.

Then we add two scoops of ice cream. I personally recommend Ginger ice cream, but for you traditionalists it’s great with Vanilla, à la Creamsicle.

We also make popsicles and sorbet with these messy buggers. The sorbet pairs with our Meyer Lemon ice cream amazingly. We won’t have these flavors for too long, as spring is around the corner and with it, the end of citrus season! Come by the Creamery to get your zing!

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