Anne and Kris

Notice Something Different in the Ice Cream Freezer?

We realized recently that even though we have a whole bunch of seasonal flavors available for just a few months throughout the year, they’ve been hiding! How can we expect you to find Earl Grey, Eggnog, Candy Cane, or Orange Cardamom when they look the same as our daily standbys??

So from now on, if you’re looking for a seasonal ice cream flavor, think yellow. All of our seasonal pints will have a yellow label both in the freezer section at the Market and in the freezer of pints for sale at the Creamery.

Right now you’ll find our Basil, Balsamic Strawberry, Olive Oil, and Peach Ginger in their new yellow coat…

One Response to “Notice Something Different in the Ice Cream Freezer?”

  1. Alli says:

    I’m loving the new seasonal flavors! The olive oil paired with the basil makes for a particularly delicious combination….