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The Legend of Evadne’s Gingerbread

Oliver making Evadne's recipe proud

I love Christmas time, and baking makes me so happy this time of year–from decorating Christmas cookies to baking cakes, I love it all. One of the best cakes we make here at the Creamery is the gingerbread cake; you will find it for sale at the Market in three forms: a gingerbread loaf that’s great sliced for breakfast or with tea; as gingerbread cupcakes with lemon buttercream, and as a small gingerbread cake topped with lemon buttercream. My favorite is the simple loaf–it’s so easy to slice and nibble on, amazing with a cup of hot cocoa, and makes a decadent dessert topped with our vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. In Sweet Cream & Sugar Cones, our cookbook that comes out April 17th, we call our recipe “Evadne’s Gingerbread”; here’s the reason why:

This super moist, perfectly spiced, molasses-heavy cake came to us through a wonderful friend of ours, Shannan Hobbs. It has been in her family for decades (another reason why I love Christmas, making old family recipes!). It’s from her Great Granny Tatum, who was a housewife in the 1920’s. In those days, apparently it was common for authors to sprinkle recipes throughout novels that were targeted to women, thus ensuring that even if a housewife got her hands on a novel [god forbid!!], her time was well spent. Great Granny Tatum discovered this recipe in a novel in which the main character, named Evadne, goes into the kitchen and whips up gingerbread. The recipe has been in Shannan’s family ever since, and will be in mine for future years to come.

Next Christmas you can arm yourself with Evadne’s recipe if you pick up a copy of our book when it comes out in April (you can pre-order it now); until then, please come by the market and try some gingerbread–I’m sure it will be some thing you crave every Christmas!– Kris

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