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Bi-Rite’s Sustainable Meat, Poultry & Seafood

We are your source for thoughtfully selected, great tasting protein. We have a deep respect for the whole animal, and we source for impeccable flavor and integrity of production. Things we look for when sourcing our meat are animals that are pasture-raised, grass-fed, responsibly harvested, and humanely treated. We also seek out proteins from ranchers who practice environmental stewardship. Our meats are free of hormones and never treated with sub-therapeutic doses of antibiotics.

Our fish sourcing decisions are made with constant attention to sustainability. We ensure that the raising and harvesting of all of our seafood has been done with care and regard for the ocean’s precious balance; we use both FishWise and Monterey Seafood Watch as resources in our decision-making to ensure we do not source seafood that detrimentally impacts the environment. We push for transparency in all of our seafood relationships. Though challenging, whenever possible, we strive for our seafood to be vessel-direct. Whether our seafood comes from a vessel-direct relationship or a wholesaler, we resolve to have a clear line of communication to the vessels harvesting our seafood.

We engage all of our producers in a rich dialogue surrounding the bigger picture, understanding the role each of us plays in the food system as a whole. We serve as a resource for those producers who want to work with us but may not yet fully meet our criteria, and we assist those producers on their path towards greater sustainability.

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Chili Montes | Butcher Buyer, Bi-Rite Family of Businesses

Chili Montes has been part of the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses since opening, having worked closely with Sam at his San Francisco restaurant, Rendezvous du Monde, in the 1990s. Chili’s experience as a chef at Bay Area institutions like Tiburon’s Corinthian Yacht Club and San Francisco’s Cypress Club gave him a deep understanding of fine dining and exceptional service.  After a brief stint opening The Public in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood, Chili returned permanently to Bi-Rite in 2006, and has lead the butcher team ever since, deepening his extensive knowledge of the craft and skill it requires. From grass-fed beef in Uruguay to heritage turkeys in Iowa to salmon fishing in Alaska, Chili has traveled extensively to understand the farms, ranches, and fishing operations that raise and harvest Bi-Rite’s proteins, as well as the butchery of the proteins themselves; for the past decade, he has honed his knowledge of whole animal butchery and preparation, from charcuterie-making to fish smoking, and has shared these skills with staff and guests. Chili combines his passion restaurant-quality food and service with his love for cooking and sharing Good Food to increase the availability of high quality ingredients for all.

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