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Bi-Rite’s Cheese Department

The products in our dairy selection are chosen because of their outstanding taste. Our dairy selections are truly curated – we sample every product before we offer it to our guests, evaluating it for flavor and value, with the intent of selling only the best tasting cheese, yogurt, butter, and fluid milk products. Many of our offerings celebrate traditional food craft, and we purposefully select products from producers who value regional and cultural heritage.

We seek items that reflect the true cost of food, accounting for the high cost of milk, the labor intensive practices of producing dairy products, and the miles an item travels from farm to market. We inquire into transparency and thoughtfulness at every step of the production cycle: where the raw ingredients come from, what production methods are used, how and where the products are sold, and the producers’ relationships with the retailer.

Jon Fancey | Cheese Buyer, Bi-Rite Family of Businesses

Jon Fancey has studied and traveled extensively to gain a deep understanding of cheese and its cultural significance around the world, exploring cheese production domestically and abroad in such locales as Vermont, Wisconsin, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and beyond. Jon has explored many roles in his food career, growing from line cook and baker to cheesemonger and now, Cheese Buyer for the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses. Jon joined the Bi-Rite team in 2014, after spending five years at the well-renowned San Francisco-based Cheese Plus, during which time he served as Cheese Buyer for three years. Jon also serves as an instructor at the Cheese School of San Francisco and is a member of both the American Cheese Society and California Artisan Cheese Guild, where he is able to deepen his knowledge of cheese production around the world and share this knowledge with fellow cheese lovers.

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