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Bi-Rite Flowers & Floral Services

We are proud to offer our guests the freshest, responsibly-grown, seasonal flowers and foliage year round. We maintain close relationships with our farmers and San Francisco Flower Mart vendors to provide beautiful, peak season flowers throughout the year. Many of our selections come directly from the same farmers who supply us with produce.

Simon Richard| Floral Buyer, Bi-Rite Family of Businesses

Simon Richard joined the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses in 2002, after passing a “Help Wanted” sign on the 18th Street storefront and stopping in to chat with the friendly staff. Simon began farming organically in 1995, and that same year started the Durango Farmers Market in southern Colorado. Simon completed his bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Agriculture Production and farmed organically for 6 years before relocating to San Francisco. Through his personal farming experience and his ability to relate to the challenges associated with organic farming, Simon has developed Bi-Rite’s over 50 farm-direct relationships, bringing incredibly high-quality produce and offering unique varieties of seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Simon was eager to get back to the soil, and joined Sam in starting Bi-Rite Farm in Sonoma, dedicated to educating staff and guests about the value and importance of growing your own food.

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