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We believe that tasting is the best way to learn about food, which is why we taste and learn the story behind our products before we decide to put them on our shelves. It’s also the reason we’re constantly putting samples in our customer’s mouths: everything from olive oil to chocolate to bread baked that morning. Our guests trust that we’ve not only tasted every product we sell, but stand behind the way it was made. We’re inspired and influenced by the recommendations made by our guests, and as a result, see our grocery selection as a reflection of what our neighborhood asks for.

Raph, our discriminating Grocery Buyer, along with his team of experts, ensures that our specialty products reflect a mix of old favorites as well as exciting new and emerging options. Many of our specialty products are organic and/or from small, expert craft producers from the Bay Area and beyond. We pride ourselves on being a shop for cooks, a one-stop-shop with all of the ingredients you need; when we don’t, we try to find you a workable substitute.

Some of the products we’re excited about:

Our own PUBLIC Label Line: we’re redefining what a store line can be by sharing WHERE your food is from, WHO produced it and HOW it was made

  • Pastured eggs from family farms across Northern California
  • Raw milk and cream
  • Artisanal soy products
  • The best breads the Bay Area has to offer, baked and delivered fresh daily
  • San Francisco’s best coffee selection under one roof, some delivered to us by bicycle!
  • Traditional loose Chinese and Taiwanese teas
  • Jams made by Sam and Raph’s mom, from fruit she grows in her Placerville orchards, and made in our kitchens by our in-house jam experts and chefs.
  • An amazing assortment of local chocolates and confections
  • Honey from our own hives on the roof of the Markets and Bi-Rite Farm in Sonoma

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