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We are open to purchasing from a countless number of producers, artisans, and farmers. While it can be logistically easier to work with distributors, we embrace the relationships with our direct suppliers; we feel that the closer we are to the person who made or harvested the product (through face-to-face meetings and conversations), the more accurately we can tell that product’s story to our guests.

We believe tasting is the best way to learn about food, which is why we taste every single product on our shelves. Our selection reflects a mix of old favorites and exciting newcomers to the world of Good Food. Across the board, our grocery products are the best tasting in their class, whether they are a basic pantry staple or a high-end luxury item.

Raph Mogannam | Grocery Buyer, Bi-Rite Family of Businesses

Raph Mogannam has been a part of the Bi-Rite family his entire life, as the original market was owned and operated by Raph’s father and uncle where Raph began stocking groceries at the young age of seven. Raph was an integral part of the opening team when his brother Sam opened the 18th Street Market in its current incarnation in 1998. With a staff of six, Raph was a jack-of-all-trades, from placing orders and stocking shelves to running the front of house. In the mid-2000s, Raph left Bi-Rite to get married, and briefly joined the team at San Francisco’s Canyon Market as the Grocery Buyer. In 2011, Raph returned to Bi-Rite to take over the role of Grocery Buyer for Bi-Rite. Throughout the course of his two decades of experience, Raph tastes anywhere from 25 to 50 products each week and has visited a countless number of food shows around the world to continue to hone and develop his exceptional palate.

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