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Bi-Rite’s Wine, Beer and Spirits

First and foremost, our alcohol selection is intended to be enjoyed around the table, whether a pre-dinner beer or cocktail, a glass of wine shared over a delicious meal, or a digestif afterward. Our wines, beers, and spirits are balanced, food-friendly, and best shared in good company.

Our beer selection is locally-driven with nods to traditional, European styles. We will always support local breweries when available, as a means to build community and ensure that our beers travel less distance, resulting in fresher product for our guests. When we do carry European options, we select unique brews or a brewery’s flagship selection that embody traditional beer making.

We seek out wines that complement the flavors in food, with an appreciation for natural wines that are a clear reflection of their terroir. Because wine is such a world-driven product, our wines are both local and international, allowing us to showcase varietals that are historically place-specific and the best expression of that locale.

We carry a range of spirits from classic bar accoutrements to local, artisanal producers. Whenever possible, our spirits selection supports smaller, domestic distillers making products that are produced with integrity, using GMO-free base spirits and no additives.

Trac Le | Alcohol Buyer, Bi-Rite Family of Businesses

Trac Le joined the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses in August of 2009, after serving as the sommelier at famed San Francisco restaurant Absinthe and their sister wine shop, Arlequin, having been deeply educated about European and natural wines. Trac has served both the front and back of house, having cooked at Napa’s Michelin-starred La Toque where he learned the art of tasting wines from then wine director, Scott Tracey. Trac is level 3 Court of Master Sommeliers certified, travels extensively throughout Europe, and continues his education reading books and developing personal relationships with winemakers and growers. Trac loves celebrating offbeat varietals from lesser-known regions, introducing guests to new wines they can explore and pairing these special bottles with the perfect dish.


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