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Our wines are hand-selected by our buyers Trac, Matt, and John, who taste every single wine before deciding whether to offer it. We usually taste ten to twenty wines before choosing one we think you’ll love, because we want you to feel confident that any and every bottle on our shelves is delicious, great with food, and will wow your guests. For our “eclectic selection” and “fair prices”, 7×7 Magazine named us Best Wine Shop in the Mission neighborhood.

We talk about our emphasis on food-friendly wines; turns out that in going after wines that compliment the flavors in food, we’re easily led towards an appreciation of  “natural” wines. Natural wines tend to be lower in alcohol, less tannic, less manipulated, and a clearer reflection of terroir….more food-friendly! Many of our wines are natural, organic, biodynamic, or all (those that aren’t are probably produced with old world methods.) The world of natural wines can be confusing to navigate, so we’ve written up our own “manifesto” to help you through.

We offer a 10% discount on purchases of 6 bottles or more, and it’s ok to mix and match. We’ll happily do special orders for a minimum order of a half case. And if you buy 12 or more bottles, we’ll deliver anywhere in San Francisco for free!

In addition to staple liquors, we offer a number of local artisanal spirits, such as Anchor Distilling, Distillery 209Germain-Robin, St. George Spirits and Charbay.

Wine Events at 18 Reasons

At our community space 18 Reasons we offer many opportunities for our guests to taste, discuss, and learn about wine. Check the 18 Reasons calendar for upcoming wine events.

We could talk about wine all day! Send an email to Trac.

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