Keepin’ it Short & Sweet

If you were in the store last Thursday or yesterday, you might have noticed a herd of short folks parading through the store (sorry if we got in your way!). Both last week and this Patrick and I visited the Children’s Day School first grade classrooms (just up the street on Dolores) to talk to the students about what we do here at Bi-Rite Market. The following day, each class came to the market for a visit.

A sea of bright-eyed wonder is the only way to describe their engagement and interest in everything from the wall of citrus in produce, to the giant whole trout in the fish case, and especially to the cryovac machine in the back (thanks, Caballo for showing it off!) I was most amazed by the incredibly precise and probing questions their minds came up with. Here are some of my favorites:

“Does your food come from close by, far away, or do you grow it on your roof?” (Answer: All three!)

“How do you decide how much to charge for the food?” (Answer: What a complex concept! We have to consider how much to pay for the item so the person who produced it can stay in business, how much we have to charge in addition to keep the market running, and of course how much our guests would be willing to pay.)

“Why do you have so many kinds of fish?” (Answer: Because everyone’s taste is different and fish, believe it or not, is just as seasonal as fruits and veggies!)

And my all time favorite comment by one of our little observers:

“It seems like you just get the good stuff for people, instead of the bad stuff.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Thanks for your attention and awesome questions, guys!

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