Wasting food- sounds simple, but we keep doing it.

Have you heard about the simple thing we can all do to REALLY help the environment (let alone our pocketbooks)? Throw less food away! Less glamorous than driving a car fueled by cooking oil, or even composting, being mindful of the food we don’t end up eating is something we all need to do a lot more of. It might be as simple as shopping for groceries more often so you don’t buy as much, which means less food goes bad in the fridge. Or this idea can extend to eating all parts of an animal, not just the classic popular cuts.

We’re excited about American Wasteland,  a book that came out last Fall (you’ll find it for sale in our book section). This article in NY Times gives a good overview of some key ideas from the book.

Post a comment about what you’re doing personally, or with your family, to waste less!

One Response to “Wasting food- sounds simple, but we keep doing it.”

  1. Jamie says:

    If you want to help the environment stop eating meat! Meat eaters and the meat industry contribute more green house gases than automobiles or industries.
    Animals have large amounts of flatulence that contains methane gas. (no joke, was a front page article in the New York Times)
    The methane gas in polluting the atmosphere. Animals have large stools. The rains or irrigating of the land washes the stools into the brooks, rivers and streams that eventually end up in the ocean.
    This is happening on every continent that raises livestock. It happens from cows, sheep, goats, buffalo, pigs, etc.
    The animal waste and methane gas is the biggest culprit in destroying the atmosphere and the oceans. If you do a little bit of research you will be surprised at the pollution from animals raised for human consumption.