Welcome to our new site!

I’m excited that you’ve found your way to our new website– WELCOME! We worked hard to make this a real reflection of who we are today. Our old site was fine for finding basic info…but we wanted the site to be more– to feel like you’re walking into the Market on a given day (minus the great smells). There are a few new things I think you’re gonna love:

Our Blog

This is where we’ll have the chance to tell the full story behind all the great food we feature in the Market. It’s always a challenge for us to give the amazing products we love the attention they deserve on the floor. We want you to know how they got to our shelves– about the people who grew the vegetables or the winemakers who labor over the grapes for the wines we sell. Most of all, we want you to hear it from the perspective of our buyers who are making these decisions every day.

What’s Fresh

In the “What’s Fresh” section (you’ll find it in the brown bar on the right side of the homepage), you’ll see the same up-to-the-moment info that you’d see in person on our blackboards throughout the store-–announcements of the first Chandler strawberries of spring, or a salad recipe to showcase our new release of Olio Nuovo. We’ll also post our current seasonal menu of prepared foods in this section, plus holiday menus and more.

Our Community

These are the folks that make it all happen—our dedicated staff and our passionate suppliers, the people that bring all the wonderful food to you. You’ll recognize some of the staff from the Market, and we’ll continue to put new faces up so you can say hi next time you’re shopping! Right alongside staff pictures are faces of a few of our producers– every great product has a person behind it who needs all our support in order to continue the work they do. We hope that by sharing the name and face of the people who grow, produce and serve your food when you come to Bi-Rite, we’ll bring you closer into our Family.

Eat Good Food: What You Can Do

Sometimes it’s easy to feel buried by the challenges that stand in the way of making sustainable decisions around what you eat. There is so much to know and best practices are changing every day. We’ve tried to boil down all the wisdom out there into a digest of simple things we can all do when we shop for food, go out to eat, or cook at home.  I’ve also listed out both local and national resources that I think are leading the dialogue on responsible (and delicious) food.

I hope you enjoy poking around our new site– please post any thoughts you have as a comment below, and let us know what you’d like to see more of!

Happy Holidays from the Bi-Rite Family,


One Response to “Welcome to our new site!”

  1. Daisy says:

    Sam—loving not only the fantastic new look for the site, and the blog itself (always fun to type in handwriting), but that the first category on the list of blog themes is CHEESE. LOVE IT. Clearly Bi-Rite and me were meant to be.