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One of the coolest partnerships Bi-Rite has going these days is one that we forged through Nextcourse, with Eat Ur Veggies’ Culinary Leadership Team at Mission High. Kitty-corner to our Market and Creamery sits beautiful Mission High School, where the group of about 20 students are learning about the joy and social dimensions of food preparation and dining, as well as how food relates to living a healthy and productive life. 18 Reasons has partnered with this group on an ongoing project called Goodies 4 Good, where the students are enlisting the help of food business pros from 18 Rabbits,Tcho, Bi-Rite and more to bring their own healthy food item to market.

To go along with the students’ work in building their own food business, many of our Bi-Rite staff members are spending a couple hours speaking to the class about our jobs (they’ll get the full spectrum, from Chili our butcher to Anne who runs the Creamery). I shared with them the variety of my roles as Bi-Rite’s marketing manager, ending with my biggest new project, the Bi-Rite Blog. Turns out these kids aren’t new to blogging: they manage their own blog, Teens on Greens, and take turns updating it week to week. I challenged them to write a blog entry about pickled vegetables, which I’d brought in for them to snack on, and promised to post my favorite one.

I chose Yimin’s essay, which talks about the way that sharing food with her family (even if it’s food she doesn’t like!) creates special bonds. I liked how our discussion about a genre of food that most of the kids haven’t tried (pickled veggies) caused little snippets of ethnic food traditions to surface from several of the students.

Without further ado, here’s Yimin’s debut on the Bi-Rite blog:

A lot of people like pickles, but I personally don’t. It’s the way the pickles smell—vinegar, especially. There’s just something about sour things that I don’t like.

There are times after dinner when my little sister will ask for pickled veggies, like cucumbers, artichokes, and olives. I don’t see how my little sister can munch on those little sour cucumbers. Me and my baby sisters are the only ones in my family who don’t like pickles, so I’m not alone. I guess that creates a bond between me and my baby sister when the rest of my family brings out the sour-soaked veggies!

Yimin with her Eat Ur Veggies classmates and Chef Michelle preparing Thanksgiving 2010

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