Biographies Told Through Wine

Greetings from 18 Reasons!

On January 18th, we are launching a new type of wine class that I am excited about and so I wanted to chime in here and give you some background.  As I learn more about wine (thank you, Trac, Matt, and Sarah), I am as inspired by the stories behind the wines as I am by the lovely stuff in the bottles.  I am curious to know what drives winemakers in their pursuit of The Great Bottle? Is it taste? Romance? Science? We decided to find some answers by developing a storytelling wine class.  During each class the selected wine maker will tell you his or her story through words and wines, pouring the wines that inspired them as they tell the story of that inspiration.  They are simple classes – no 12 bottle drunken extravaganzas – and we hope that their quietness will allow for us to ask ample questions, have a good conversation, and learn about why the wine we love came to be.

First up is Don Heistuman of Aha Wines and the maker of Bebame. For anyone who has tasted Bebame, Don’s Cabernet Franc/Gamay blend, it is clear that Don is an American winemaker marching to the beat of his own drummer.  Devoted to making wines reminiscent of the Loire Valley, Don proves that California soil can produce elegant, structured, and low alcohol French-style wines. During this two hour class we will learn his story by tasting the wines that inspire him and the one that inspiration produced.  The class is January 18th, from 7-9PM and tickets are still available here.

2 Responses to “Biographies Told Through Wine”

  1. Jennifer Meier says:

    What a great idea! What a lovely way to pass an evening . I live in Michigan so I won’t come, but if I could teleport, you betcha!
    Best, Jennifer

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