A Delicate Entrant to Our Olive Oil Category

Who says good olive oil has to be grassy and peppery?  Although many people prefer that in their oil, more delicate olive oils are often overlooked.

We’re very excited to introduce our latest Bi-Rite Olive Oil.  It’s another gem created by Joe Bozzano of Bozzano Olive Ranch.  Joe runs the family business with his father and he is quickly becoming one of California’s best olive oil producers.  We’re calling this oil “California Style” because it’s an oil that suggests everyday use.  The olives used in this oil are 100% organic Coratina Olives.  The Coratina Olive is the main cultivar grown in Puglia, the southern region in Italy that forms the heel of the “boot” of the Italian peninsula.

The first thing that strikes me whenever I pour this olive oil is its alluring golden color.  The oil itself is delicate and very well balanced.  It has a buttery yet elegant texture on the palate.  It has distinct notes of sweet almonds along with very subtle notes of cherry.  It finishes with a slight touch of spice.

Our California Style olive oil is very versatile.  It will complement all foods and recipes that call for olive oil.  Apply it on salad dressings, mayo, pesto, pastas, and fish just to name a few.  Or you can do what I enjoy most: rip off a hunk of Firebrand’s Kalamata olive baguette and dip!

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