Dipping into Noosa Yoghurt, at Last!

When our grocery team first tried Noosa Yoghurt it was love at first bite.  The creamy, delicate yogurt was unlike any other yogurt we’d tried before, and we decided it was a perfect match for Bi-Rite.  But we were soon heartbroken to find out that there wasn’t a reliable way to get it onto our shelves.  It became an obsession and after two years of pursuit, at long last, our love has been fulfilled:  Noosa is now available at Bi-Rite Market!

Noosa Yoghurt is an outstanding Australian-style yogurt.  Named for the small coastal Queensland town where the yogurt recipe originated, Noosa is the handiwork of Australian brothers Grant and Paul Mathewson.  Since 2010, Noosa has been stateside, based out of Colorado, and has enjoyed an ever growing adoring following that includes ourselves.  It’s rich like Greek yogurt, but looser and silkier in texture with a milder tartness that is perfectly balanced by a touch of honey and, if you prefer, fruit puree.  It’s velvety perfection!

Though the final product itself was enough for us to fall head over heels for Noosa, the ingredients deserve praise as well.  Noosa is a farmstead yogurt, made on site at family-owned and operated Morning Fresh Dairy in Bellvue, Colorado.  There the cows graze seasonally on fresh pasture or on home-grown, pesticide-free alfalfa and grain.  Their milk is rBGH and preservative-free.  Noosa is sweetened with an amazingly pure-tasting honey, Golden Clover Alfalfa honey from Colorado’s Beeyond the Hive, another family-owned operation since 1908.  Finally the colorfully bright, deeply flavorful fruit purees are 100% natural without any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  So, dig in!  Enjoy this naturally delicious yogurt; we hope your experience will be as delightful as ours.

3 Responses to “Dipping into Noosa Yoghurt, at Last!”

  1. Cat says:

    Yay for Noosa and Bi-Rite – what a perfect fit. I hope you’ll have the mango – been wanting to try that and have not yet found it. Noosa yogurt is sooo good – thanks, Bi-Rite!

  2. Pha Pha says:

    My husband and I are completely obsessed with this yogurt. It’s so delicious and decadent – it’s basically dessert for us. Thank you for making us into addicts.

  3. Leslie Gay says:

    I adore Noosa Yoghurt, and my personal obsession is the strawberry rhubarb. It was a happy find as I was on a mission to find low sugar yogurt, now that everything has so much sugar (high fructose corn syrup) in it. This has 9g of sugar per serving, compared to a standard American yogurt of 20+g per serving for flavored. And as a bonus truly delicious and definitely dessert like! YUM.