New Kid on the Block: Kalona Supernatural Organic Dairy

We are so excited to have a new organic dairy line at the Market!  Inspired by the community of small farms in and around Kalona, Iowa, Kalona Supernatural was launched in 2010 by resident Bill Evans as a way to distribute their quality dairy products.

What these guys eat directly affects the taste and quality of the milk they produce!

What makes their products so special?  Well, it all starts with the farms.  The dairy comes from small, sustainable Midwest farms, mostly run by Amish and Mennonite farmers who tend herds of no more than 35 cows.  Many of these farms have been in the family for 150 years and have never been touched by herbicides or pesticides.  The work is pretty much all still done by hand.

Being raised on organic farms means that the cows–including Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Guernseys, Ayrshire, Milking Shorthorned, Scandinavian Red and Montbeliard breeds–get to enjoy grazing on green pasture during the spring and summer months.  During the colder months, they dine on an organic mélange of hay silage, baleage, ground corn, maybe some soybeans, oats and alfalfa.  While the resultant output may not be voluminous, what they eat directly affects the taste and quality of the milk they produce, which, by the way, is outstanding Grade A milk!

Kalona Supernatural maintains intimate relationships with all of their farmers.  They know the farmers and their families, regularly visit the farms, and know the story-the why and the how-behind the products that each farm produces.  And they’re dedicated to sharing products in their most natural state so that all of their products are minimally processed.  They are vat pasteurized at the lowest possible temperatures and non-homogenized.  There’s no added sugar or synthetic vitamins, and free of any stabilizers, the texture is as pure and genuine as can be.

We’re pleased to offer you the following dairy treats from Kalona: creamy buttermilk, thick and rich sour cream, farm-fresh cottage cheese, and cream-top not-too-sweet yogurt. Let me know what you think!

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