Our own Sardinian Style EVOO

The 2011 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was an event that I will never forget.  It’s always a pleasure when I run into one of my favorite California olive oil producers, Joe Bozzano of Bozzano Olive Ranch.  The last time I saw Joe was at his beautiful olive ranch in the San Joaquin Valley.  It was quite an experience, and our encounter at the Fancy Food Show was no different.  I had the opportunity to try one of his newest creations, an olive oil made from 100% organic Bosana olives.  The Bosana olive is the main cultivar of olive grown in Sardinia.  Premium Sardinian olive oil is nearly impossible to find here in the U.S.  In addition to that, Sardinian olive varietals are rarely grown in California.

Joe Bozzano’s Sardinian style extra virgin olive oil blew me away.  As soon as I opened the bottle, I was amazed at how fragrant the oil was.  Vibrant notes of apple and fresh cut flowers flourished as I put the sample to my nose.  When I tasted the oil, it had a pleasantly strong fruit intensity, while staying incredibly well-balanced.  The texture is very fluid and buttery, with notes of artichoke and fresh garden herbs.  The finish is slightly spicy with notes of mint.

Joe told me this olive oil was available in limited quantity, so I was flattered when he gave me the opportunity to purchase most of the oil and put Bi-Rite’s name on the label.

We partnered with our trusty graphic designer Arin Fishkin to create a special Bi-Rite label for this new addition to our line of products resulting from partnerships with our producers. Voila, our Bi-Rite Sardinian Style Extra Virgin Olive Oil is on the shelves! At $14.99/500 mL bottle, this may be one of the best values in good olive oil that you will find. Not surprisingly, lots of staff have already grabbed a bottle to take home for their pantry.

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