Sweet Treats for Mama

Mother’s Day is Sunday, just around the corner!  We have some delicious treats in stock, this week only and while supplies last, that would make special gifts for Mom.

We suggest:

Robert Lambert Mother’s Day Fruitcakes, $34.99/16 oz: This cake is much like the Winter Fruitcake that we carry for the Holidays, but with a few substitutions in the lineup of fruits and nuts. Walnuts instead of hazelnuts, and a decidedly tropical turn with dried pineapple and mango added to the cherries and nectarines, all plumped in papaya and guava nectar. Yuzu (Japanese lime) and Celebes papeda (a kind of pommelo) peels join Meyer lemon, Rangpur lime and blood orange peels  for a citrusy kick.  The batter is similar to the White Fruitcake, but with papaya and guava nectar instead of orange juice, and scented with cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla.  And finally, the soaking cognac is infused with the rare, fragrant Shekwasha citrus peel. Topped with a beautiful spring flower, this fruit cake is sure to banish all thoughts of cedar boughs and holly!

Chocolat Moderne Unconditional Love, $14.99/5pc clear round available in white or dark chocolate and $39.99/12pc coral box available in dark chocolate: Thank Mom for all her years of unconditional love with this truffle collection.  Assortments include combinations of the following:

  • Soft passion fruit caramel infused with a hint of cardamom
  • Poire Williams pear and Eau de Vie caramel
  • White chocolate ganache with Japanese matcha green tea
  • White chocolate ganache with coconut milk, toasted shredded coconut dark Haitian rum
  • Crushed, toasted pistachios with white chocolate and rice crisps
  • Crushed, toasted macadamia nuts blended with white chocolate and candied ginger

Michael Recchiuti Butterfly Motif Box, $19.99/8pc: Eight of Recchiuti’s signature burnt caramel truffles decorated with whimsical butterfly images that are sure to delight Mom.

Michael Mischer Mother’s Day Box, $16.99/6pc or $29.99/12pc: Give Mom the gift of Michael Mischer’s blissful truffles.  The Mother’s Day collection includes lavender, salted caramel, dark chocolate, cherry, hazelnut, and coconut truffles.

Maison Bouche Macarons, $14.99: Inspired by the classic French pastries, this collection boasts interpretations in flavored chocolate arranged as a quartet (eight halves) in an embossed basket-weave box.  Available in either dark chocolate strawberry or milk chocolate peach & rum.

Theo’s Spring Confection Collection, $18.99/8pc: Featuring flavors that suggest the freshness of the season, Theo’s 8-piece spring collection contains both ganache and caramel confections: award-winning Pearl Jasmine Ganache, Honey Saffron Caramel, Lime Coriander Ganache, Lemon Ganache, Mint Ganache, Pink Salted Dark Caramel, and Coffee Milk Caramel.

Vosges Mama’s Chocolate Craving Kit, $24.99/9/.5oz bars: This gift set provides a chocolate bar to match every mother’s needs – savory, spicy, sweet, salty, sour, energy, digestive and Indian.  Here’s how those flavors break down: Red Fire (cinnamon), Naga (curry), Black Pearl (ginger), Barcelona (almonds), Oaxaca (guajillo & pasilla chili peppers), Mo’s Milk Bacon (Applewood smoked bacon), Amalfi (lemon zest + pink peppercorns + white chocolate, Bapchi’s Caramel Toffee, Woolloomoolo).

Vosges Petite Clementine & Ginger Botanical Toffee, $11.99/4oz: Sweet buttery toffee laced with ginger confit, lime & rooibos tea, enrobed in dark chocolate and garnished with clementine.

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