Tasting San Francisco Through Our New Honeys

Kyle and I are apparently very proud.

It seems that honey’s been moving up in the world, with more and more people putting in bee hives and appreciating the flavor nuances of different honeys. I couldn’t believe the headline I read today about Chicago’s O’Hare Airport installing a 2,400 sq foot apiary on their property!

On that note, we’ve found room for 5 new local honeys in our assortment.

We’re very excited to bring in honey from Bay Area Bee Company, started by a husband and wife team (Rokas and Kelli Armonas). Rokas came to the US from Lithuania and studied beekeeping under Spencer Marshall of Marshall’s Honey and decided to start his own company. They do not use any artificial products or chemicals when caring for their bees and processing their honey, and they tend to all their hives themselves. We’ve stocked three of their honeys:

  • Potrero Hill: Lighter and fruity with a hint of fennel, indicative of the flowering fruit trees and backyard blossoms in the hillside gardens of Potrero.
  • Tenderloin: Fruity with warm floral tones, expressing the diverse flora in the Civic Center and Tenderloin neighborhoods.
  • Bay Area Blend: Perfect honey for baking–more structured and well-balanced blend of SF and surrounding Bay Area hives.

Another new honey producer hitting our shelves is Robert McKimmie’s City Bees. We currently have two of his honeys:

  • Glen Park: Beautiful honey with light citrus notes and subtle flavors of vanilla and lavender. Trac says it tastes like coconut to him.
  • Potrero Hill: The darker of the two honeys, with rich notes of fennel, sage, rosemary and jasmine with subtle baking spices.

Robert is also the beekeeper who’s taking care of our own rooftop hives (which he says he’s harvesting soon, stay tuned!)

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