We’ve Got Your Gluten-Free Back

There’s no doubt that the gluten-free food trend has taken the US by storm; interesting debates have ensued about gluten senstivity, how flours have changed over time in the US, and whether this trend will last. As someone who spends my days talking to our guests about what they’d like to see on our grocery shelves, and scouring for new foods being produced across the country, it’s hard to ignore the  rise of people interested in eating a gluten-free diet. We’ve searched for the tastiest gluten-free options we can find to put on our shelves, and are proud to introduce a few new items that taste as good as the glutenous!

Cup4Cup Gluten Free Flour

Thomas Keller’s much anticipated Cup4Cup custom-blended flour makes it easy to prepare your favorite gluten-free treats at home. Your results are guaranteed to live up to Thomas Keller’s philosophy: “To make people happy…that’s what cooking is all about.”  This flour is made of cornstarch, white rice flour, brown rice flour, milk powder, tapioca flour, potato starch, and xanthan gum. Just as the name suggests, you use this flour cup for cup in place of regular flour in recipes–that takes care of the guessing on your end! The expert chef spent many months coming up with the perfect blend for flawless substitution.

Bread SRSLY Gluten Free Loafs

It’s a classic story: girl meets boy. Boy has gluten-allergy. Girl devotes life to making delicious gluten-free bread to woo boy. Such is the tale of Sadie Scheffer, who took courting one step further by starting a business of it: Bread SRSLY. After tinkering with farmer’s market ingredients, she developed a killer gluten free loaf that won her crush’s heart. Scheffer now bakes bread as her primary occupation, and we’re excited to be her first retail location (besides farmer’s markets and a bread CSA program).

Bread SRSLY (pronounced Bread Seriously) bakes breads using whole grain, certified gluten free flours, local and organic produce, herbs and home-dried fruits in rambunctious varieties like kale sourdough, whole grain chai and apricot fennel. They source their ingredients from local, sustainable producers, and craft each one of their gluten-free goods with care. Baked in small batches, all of the loaves are also free of dairy, egg, nut, soy, chickpea, potato, tapioca, and, of course, wheat. They rotate the menu each week, featuring two different loaves. We’ll always have their sourdough and one seasonal loaf, which they’ll deliver on Wednesdays, by bicycle. The bread will be sold out of our open fridge in the back of the store, and has a ten-day shelf life in the fridge.

Sunbud Bakery Buckwheat Cookies

Atsuko Watanabe, a long time Bi-Rite guest, introduced her buckwheat cookies to us a few months ago and they’ve been a hit ever since. What’s neat about Atsuko’s cookies is that she chose buckwheat as the main ingredient not because it’s gluten-free (although that’s a bonus!), but because it tastes so good. Atsuko’s ties to buckwheat run deep, from the soba she grew up eating in Japanese dishes to crepes she made as a pastry chef in France. Buckwheat is a super source of protein and magnesium, and we love it for its nutty, earthy, toasty goodness. To the buckwheat base she adds almonds and dried unsulphered apricots (for the apricot cookie) or dried unsulphured currants, unsweetened chocolate and organic cacao nibs (for the chocolate currant cookie).  For sweetness she uses agave nectar and coconut palm sugar (low glycemic and hinting of caramel), and she uses coconut oil, which is high in healthy lauric acid.


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