A taste for tofu

Silky soft white blocks

So many ways to prepare

Tofu is delish!

-Haiku by Sara Bloomberg

A part of many Asian cuisines, soy has entered the American kitchen full force- from soymilk to tofu to edamame and beyond! And it’s not just for vegetarians… In fact, our custom of using it as a replacement for meat and dairy products is quite modern.

Traditionally, soy complemented the rest of a meal- it wasn’t considered the main course. But making soy products, such as tofu, is still rooted in traditional methods and we are lucky to have an artisanal producer, Hodo Soy Beanery, in our backyard.

Deriving its name from Chinese characters that mean “good bean”, Hodo is based in Oakland. They use certified organic soybeans from a family owned cooperative in the Midwest and pride themselves on creating small batches of fresh products. For a deeper look into Hodo’s production ethos, watch this clip on youtube.

Here at BiRite, we’re featuring Hodo Soy Beanery’s tofu in our Forbidden Rice Salad, part of our new Spring menu available in the deli. It’s made with tantalizing Forbidden black rice, sumptuous Hodo tofu and crispy green pea sprouts, all tossed in a ginger-rice wine vinaigrette. It’s vegan friendly and delicious on it’s own! But would also go well with stir fried sugar snap peas and slices of seared pork tenderloin. Add some phó and sake and let the feast commence!

P.S. You can find an array of Hodo products in our refrigerated section, too!

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