Can You Come Up with the Name for Our New Private Label Products?

We thank our lucky stars often that we’re located in San Francisco, where the bounty and diversity of tasty Cali produce is so accessible to us. One of our city’s other advantages is the wealth of creative thinkers here, which is why we’re turning to all of you for our latest conundrum:

What should we name our new line of Bi-Rite private label products??

What should we name our private label line?

This line will include tasty items like:

  • The beef and pork from livestock we’re raising on our farm
  • Pickled veggies we’re making with the help of farmers and preservers in our Gleaning Project 
  • Honey we harvest from our rooftop and Sonoma hives
  • Tomato sauce we make and jar with the late summer harvest so you can taste the sweetness of local growers into the winter

What ties all of these together is that we’re doing them the old fashioned way. Unlike most private label lines, which are almost a case study in outsourcing, our goal is to learn through the process of making each of these foods, and to have an intimacy with all steps and people involved. We want to constantly dig deeper for greater transparency and less waste…and share what we’re learning!

Send us an email by Sunday, July 1st to give us your best shot at a name for this line–the winner will get a sampler box of pickles, preserves and sauces from our Gleaning Project (and see their suggested name printed on Bi-Rite jars for years to come)!

18 Responses to “Can You Come Up with the Name for Our New Private Label Products?”

  1. Long Le says:

    “Happy” 🙂

  2. anise says:

    c o r n u c o p i a

  3. chelsea says:

    Rite of passage

  4. Julia says:

    SF Preserve or In a Pickle

  5. Neto says:

    Eat-Rite products

    • Raean says:

      Love this name!!! It goes with the products sold and links to the book! Simple and to the point.

  6. Luc T says:

    Derecho ranch

  7. Creative says:

    I love BiRite and your participatory spirit, but I’m dismayed at this contest.
    With all respect: By holding a copywriting/slogan contest instead of hiring a professional, BiRite is in essence asking the ‘creative thinkers’ of Francisco to work for free. Copywriting and branding are important components of your business; Would you ask one of your other suppliers for free products?

    When you pay for copywriting or other “creative” work, not only do you support independent firms and professionals who are struggling to make it in a rough economic landscape, but you (the client) get better results. (Witness the new San Francisco MTA logo, which was chosen from a design contest and turned out to be basically a ripoff of a pre-existing logo.)

    I know you’re just trying to have fun and engage your fans, but I’d bet many of your faithful customers are also creative professionals who would welcome you as a client. You’re an outstandingly successful small business with local roots; why not spread the love?

    • Kirsten says:

      Definitely appreciate your perspective! We’ve had an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from guests who have sent us ideas–many of them within moments of our announcing the contest. Seems people have had fun with the brainstorm, but we surely never intended to create work for anyone. We do partner with local creatives (many of whom are our guests!) for our packaging, graphic design, brand strategy, web design and beyond…as you say, it’s rewarding to work with people who we see on the block as neighbors.

      Thanks again for your feedback–I’ve shared it with our “naming team” (sounds so official!)

  8. NIssy says:

    Cositas, meaning ‘little things’. You’re producing these offerings on a relatively small scale, which makes it all the more valuable and all the little things in life we treasure.

  9. chipollini says:

    How about “EGF” for the private label, referencing EAT GOOD FOOD of course!

    (sounds like BiBi’s Own; changes the pronunciation to BeeBee, but keeps the Bi of Bi-Rite and allows smooth logo association) (well, it’s still June 30 out in the Pacific somewhere)

  11. Mike says:

    Learn by doing

  12. Michele says:

    Wait! wait! I have one (or three)!! “Coastal Cannery”
    “Be Right Farms”
    “Busy Bee Organics”
    . . . Crafted by Bi-Rite.

  13. steve says:

    Full Cycle Farms or full cycle foods or FCF for short

    Planted or raised by you, cultivated, picked or butchered, and brought to table all by you!