Che Sorpresa! Traditional Italian Salami

I’d like to take a moment for salame (sal = salt, salame = cured sausage). Salami (in English) is typically made from pork, natural casings, and a variety of flavorings such as wine, garlic, cloves, peppercorns and hot chilies, and then left to cure. Originally developed as a method of preservation in the days before ice-boxes, curing involves adding salt and spices to protein and then waiting… patiently… for the flavors to meld and the chemistry to work its magic!

At Bi-Rite, we’re proud to announce our expanded selection of handcrafted salami from Creminelli Fine Meats, a traditional salumiere (or cured meat producer) based in Utah and founded in 2007 by Cristiano Creminelli. The famiglia Creminelli traces its roots as salumiere as far back as the 1600’s. Imagine that family tree! And even though Cristiano uses modern technology to monitor his products, he remains dedicated to the traditional methods that have been passed down to him from his grandfather and father in northern Italy. Check out this video to hear Cristiano’s story in his own words. His commitment to using high quality, natural heritage breed pork, combined with his love for making salami, really shines through in the final product!

In addition to Creminelli’s Tartufo, Barolo and Wild Boar salami that we offer by the link in the grocery department, we now carry four new varieties sliced to order in the Deli: Soppressa (garlic), Calabrese (spicy), Finnocchiona (fennel seed) and Milano (peppercorn). We’d love to give you taste. Buon appetito!!

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