Chinese Knife Shaved Noodle Making, Caught on Video at 18 Reasons

This month we hosted our final noodle lab at 18 Reasons: we learned to make dao xiao mian, traditional Chinese knife shaved noodles! This was the third in our international noodle lab series, and our friend Henrik Meng captured the whole thing on film for us. Watch Bi-Rite chef Linh Phu take the class through the steps of creating these noodles from scratch as has been done for centuries, from rolling the dough to shaving it, then cooking the noodles into a hot pork soup.

In Henrik’s own words, this video is “nothing fancy, and I highly doubt that Ken Burns has anything to be worried about, but hopefully you’ll like it!  At the very least, watching it reminds me of how awesome and delicious the class and our dinner was.” Thank you Henrik for capturing the night for us!

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