The McFarland Springs Trout Tri-fecta

Kenny Belov of Sausalito’s TwoXSea fish company visits me every week to hand-deliver McFarland Springs Trout, which has grown quite the following at our fish counter. Our guests can attest to the fact that this is one of the best fish available- the flavor and texture is that of wild trout, with a lighter, firm flesh–and this week 7×7 caught wind of the news– check out their article here. If you have a moment, it’s pretty cool to see what McFarland Springs’ trout farming operation looks like.

We’re giving this fish the limelight, with what I’m calling the Trout Trifecta. Right now at Bi-Rite you can have your delicious trout three ways, and feel good about how it got to your plate:

1. Fresh from our fish case: It’s car camping time! Throw a couple of these whole trouts in the cooler, and then when you get to your campsite throw em on the grill!

2. Smoked: We’ve smoked a bunch of these trout filets. They’re perfect flaked on top of little gems, with a little shaved fennel for a summer salad.

3. On our early summer prepared foods menu: If you’re having a lazy moment, let Chef Eddy and the boys take care of you–they’ve put McFarland Springs Trout on our new early summer menu (available from the pre-pack case every day in the Market), serving it with a saffron rice pilaf, grilled corn and roasted red pepper relish!

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