Be the WHO on our PUBLIC Label

Our PUBLIC Label products are totally transparent. Each jar contains ingredients sourced from our favorite farmers, and is made with recipes created by our talented chefs in our partner kitchens. And all of this information is right on the label: we tell you WHO grew the key ingredient, WHERE it was grown and HOW it was turned into the final product you hold in your hand.

So now, we’re reaching out to YOU, our network of backyard and front yard farmers (did you know that the Mission micro-climate was once farmland?), to participate in our next new thing: a PUBLIC Label Meyer Lemon Marmalade. Bring us your Meyer Lemons and we’ll make them shine! And if you have another fruit tree we gotta try, let us know! We’ll take your lemons from now through Tuesday, January 15th.

Bring any amount of lemons you have (minimum of 15 lbs); if you bring more than 25 lbs and we use them, we’ll put your name on our label as the “WHO” behind the marmalade! We’ll pay you market rate for good lemons—by good, we mean ripe and juicy, without green shoulders—to ensure a flavorful end product.

Email me if you’re up for bringing us your Meyers—we’ll work out a time for you to drop them off. And of course, I’ll let anyone who brings me usable lemons know when the marmalade’s ready so you can come take a jar!

6 Responses to “Be the WHO on our PUBLIC Label”

  1. kristy Leffers says:

    i have Meyer lemons and was interested in droppping them off. Let me know where and when.


    • Kirsten says:

      Thanks for joining our project, Kristy! I know you and Shakirah have been in touch about coordinating…

  2. Richard K. says:

    I love the meyer lemon idea. here’s another thought: For the opening of your new divis market and before the building is finished, prepare space for a Divis- Bi-Rite time capsule. Have new customers write something on a scroll or book, add some photos of the event and maybe other items from the area and from BiRite. Seal all of this is a capusle (maybe a coffee can?) and bury the capsule in a space in the store to be opened again in 25-100 years?
    I know it sounds crazy, but how fun would it be to open it when you remodel or whenever…? I hope that I’m around!
    Just a thought….

    • Kirsten says:

      Sounds like you’re a history/nostalgia buff like we are, Richard! Thanks for the idea, I’ve passed it on to the Divis team 🙂

  3. ann says:

    meyer lemon curd would be nice too!

  4. […] interested in buying locally grown  Meyer lemons for their “Public” label marmalade (here is the link to their blog post). I decided to write a short email in response to this […]