Celebrate the season!

It may be the middle of winter, but the Bay Area local farms continue to grow and harvest amazing vegetables.  Full Belly Farm, Mariquita Farm, and Happy Boy Farm deliver their fresh-picked goodies to us twice a week!  

Full Belly Farm is harvesting tasty Nante and Atomic Red carrots perfect for a winter stew.  These farming gurus are also supplying us with beautiful Green Garlic in January (it’s usually an early spring crop).  Mariquita’s farmers  are the masters of growing Italian vegetable varieties. Try their sweet, tender heirloom Broccoli di Cicco or flavorful  chicories like Castelfranco Radicchio and Escarole, which are the perfect substitute for Romaine lettuce in a Caesar Salad. Matt’s favorite is making a salad with these chicories and heating up the salad dressing before pouring it on the salad; since the greens are heartier than regular lettuce, this softens them a bit.

Oh yeah – I can’t forget to mention the bright green and super yummy Romanesco Cauliflower; just chop into chunks, toss with olive oil, salt, pepper and maybe some garlic or rosemary, and roast to caramelized perfection. Happy Boy is currently our main grower for winters greens like Lacinato and Red Russian Kale. Their Red Chard is also wonderful, and the bagged Braising Mix is a combination of at least 4 varities of winter greens.  This is a the perfect  time of year to enjoy all of the nutritionally packed local veggies at Bi-Rite.

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