Diggin’ Deeper: Bringing Home the Bounty

Sometimes the stars just align, and this past Saturday was one of those sweet days at the Bi-Rite Farm.  18 Reasons’ Farm Summer School came to an end with a harvest party that brought in the most produce we have ever culled from our fields in one day!  We got oodles of Marvel Stripe tomatoes (get ‘em now in our produce department!), and  pounds and pounds of mixed heirlooms landed in Sergio’s hands for his famous gazapacho. We also picked our new favorite shelling bean, Tongues of Fire, awesome cucumbers, summer squash, rainbow carrots, and fingerling potatoes.

Driving back into the city felt great: the green pick up was laden with boxes (and my regular pickup of butter from Vela), our bodies were tired from picking veggies, and our stomachs were probably a little too full after Sam cooked the Farm Summer School graduates a feast to celebrate their hard work and contribution to feeding our community.

There are loads more tomatoes to pick, many of which will become Morgan’s roasted sauce; their rich flavor will get us through the winter months when there is nary a good tomato in sight.  We’ve also got more eggplants, peppers, and basil to pick.  And since a farmer’s work is never done, in early October we’ll be putting winter crops in the ground– while there may not be a Marvel Stripe in December, we still want to offer you fresh veggies grown by us all year round.  Broccoli and escarole anyone?

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