Diggin’ Deeper: Rain, Rain, I Don’t Mind!

Throughout the growing season there are many emotional highs, and hopefully not too many lows. This past weekend was an all-time high at the Bi-Rite Farms:  with the help of the 18 Reason Farm School students, we sank 1,800 starts into the ground.  This is very rewarding, as we’d tended these starts for 2 months in the city, and were more then ready to get them into the ground.  The tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers are ready to set their roots and get growing. After the transplant session the first thing on my mind is getting them some water so they don’t dry up.  Luckily, there was rain in the forecast for the next day–the perfect storm for these transplants.

All of this mid-May moisture really helps the lettuce heads, keeping them tender and sweet! Come by the market this weekend and pick up some of our own Lil Gems with some amazing vino from the Wine Blitz.

Olivia and her Lil Gems

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