Food Waste Challenge Day 4: Celery!

With Earth Day a mere three days away, I’m here to bring you our final food waste challenge highlighted food: CELERY! This one is the big kahuna, with more of you saying you end up throwing out limp stalks than any other food we heard about. Here are a couple of the comments from our guests about the challenge of using up the celery in your fridge:

I have never used more than a few stalks of celery out of a bunch before it goes bad. I guess I could just do the ants on a log thing.”–Tony

Definitely celery…I freeze veggie scraps for future broth/soup making, but too often, they appear freezer-burned by the time I am ready to make my soup. “–Emily

Celery tops are also a challenge. There are many Greek recipes that use lots of celery, including the leaves, but you certainly can’t use so much in stocks because it is a dominant flavor. A celery bunch can be stored in the fridge by putting the root end in a wide-mouthed jar with an inch of water and tent the top with a plastic bag. Celery strips are great
to serve with dips of all kinds. “–Carrie Rose

Before sharing our recipe ideas for celery, I want to let you in on the million dollar trick for buying celery at Bi-Rite: you can buy as many or as few stalks as you need! That’s right, we sell it by the pound, not the bunch, so you’re always welcome to take just as much as your recipe calls for if you’re worried a whole head is too much. And now, for the recipes…

Winter Celery salad

Alli, Grocery
Thinly slice equal parts celery and fennel (I use a mandolin to get them super fine).
Whisk fish sauce, sesame oil and light soy sauce to taste.
Toss together, adding cilantro, mint, or Italian parsley before serving. Delicious with fish!

Celery Leaf Salad with Blue Cheese, Belgian Endive & Citrus

Kirsten, Marketing

2 Belgian endive heads (or other chicory), chopped
1 C celery leaves, chopped
2 oz crumbled blue cheese
¼ C toasted and chopped walnuts
¼ C orange juice
¾ C olive oil
¼ tsp sugar or honey
Salt and pepper

Mix endive and celery leaves, reserving a few celery leaves for garnish.
Shake together orange juice and sugar. Whisk in olive oil and add salt and pepper to taste.
Pour ½ of dressing over celery and endive, reserving the rest for another salad later that week.  Mix well with hands.
Place walnuts, cheese and reserved celery leaves on top. Serve with roasted chicken, farro salad, or a really awesome burger.

Everyday Tips for Celery

  • Don’t forget about ants on a log, the all-American snack! Smear peanut butter on a celery stick, top with a line of raisins, and eat those ants before they walk off! (Rosie, 18 Reasons)


One Response to “Food Waste Challenge Day 4: Celery!”

  1. Laura says:

    Ok so I’ve definitely thrown away my share of celery. Unfortunately it only takes a small amount to flavor broth so buying it just for that is a problem. I recently read a recipe for pickled celery that seemed worth trying. And believe it or not cream of celery (or celery root) soup is super delicious. What’s cool about this challenge is that all the things that are wasted are often things that can be used together. I might use sour cream and herbs in my celery soup if I was having trouble using those up. lol.

    For the super adventurous… You can cure things like corned beef in a celery juice and salt and spices. It really works!