Inspiration, Sweetness & Harvest: 18 Reasons’ Summer Farm Tour Series

Yeehaw: 18 Reasons is hitting the road this summer! Rosie and I are excited to introduce our Farm Tour Series. Once a month in June, July and August will we get the chance to meet some of the inspiring farmers we work with at Bi-Rite.

In the first tour with our trusty tour guide Simon Richard (Bi-Rite’s head farmer & produce buyer), we’ll visit two incredibly inspirational farms, Mariquita Farm and Catalan Farm, who each grow and sell an endless variety of gorgeous veggies and fruits throughout the year.  In the second tour we’ll visit Yerena and Tomatero Farms, lip-smacking berry farms that send the message home that organic and local tastes so much better! In the last, but certainly not least August tour we’ll head north to Sonoma and visit Bi-Rite Family Farm and Oak Hill Farm. Lunch is provided by Bi-Rite Market and is included in the ticket price for each tour. We will facilitate carpooling to each farm and will reimburse drivers for the gas that they use.

Ticket price includes lunch, reimbursement for gas for those who drive and the opportunity to meet the amazing farmers that are changing our world.

The Farm Series: Early Summer Inspiration
Saturday, June 30, 9AM-5PM, Ticketed
$40 member price/ $50 general admission

The Farm Series: Mid-Summer Sweetness
Saturday, July 21, 9AM-5PM, Ticketed
$40 member price/ $50 general admission

The Farm Series: Late Summer Harvest
Saturday, August 25, 9AM-5PM, Ticketed
$40 member price/ $50 general admission

5 Responses to “Inspiration, Sweetness & Harvest: 18 Reasons’ Summer Farm Tour Series”

  1. Alpa Sheth says:

    Are the ticket prices per person? child or adult ?
    are children allowed to join the tours?
    Thank you

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hi Alpa,
    I think Olivia just sent you an email, but in case anyone else is wondering,
    Children under 5 are free and children over 5 are $15 to cover lunch. The other ticket prices are per person, and more info is available on the brown paper tickets link for each tour. Let us know if you have any further questions!

  3. Jessie says:

    Hi all! Are the other two farm tours for the summer already sold out? On the Brown Paper Ticket link it said tickets were ‘unavailable’. Thanks!

  4. Rosie says:

    Thank you for inquiring about 18 Reasons’ Farm Tours. Yes, unfortunately, both tours have sold out. We will be organizing a ranch tour this fall, as well as more farm tours next year, so please stay tuned! If you want to get notice of all of our events, you can sign up for our newsletter at

    We are delighted to hear that there is a lot of interest in the farm tours, as we love showing off our great friends in the farming community.
    All the best,