Let it Grow

Our theme this week is “Be Your Own Farmer.” For the first time ever, we’re selling organic vegetable and herb starts in front of the Market, ready for planting in your backyard, window box or even (for some of them!) flower pot.

Vegetable 6-packs

We have a nice selection of Brasiccas (Toscano Kale, Red Russian, Broccoli di Cicco and Cabbages). These crops like cooler weather, but are also good in full sun, especially if you want to grow a large head of cabbage. Kales will grow in partial shade, and if the leaves are continuously picked the plant could produce for over a year. Brassica plants are large and like to have at least 18 inches  between each plant.

The Onion and Chard 6-packs have multiple plants and can be carefully taken apart to create more plants. Bonus!  Giving each individual plant the proper space helps with the productivity of the plant. Chard plants can also produce for over a year if the leaves are continuously picked. Both of these crops love full-sun but can do alright in partial shade.

The Lettuce and Escarole look amazing and are probably the easiest crops to grow in the city. Lettuces are cold weather crops that should be harvested between 30-50 days before they get too bitter; escarole will take at least 50 days to grow a mature head.

Peas are a true sign of spring and are a great plant to grow in a 2-3 gallon pot  up a trellis or fence.

The Chives and Cilantro also grow well in pots, as long as the pot is big enough to let the roots grow.  Herbs work well on sunny windowsills.

Transplanting Tips

  • All of these starts are ready to transplanted and will thrive with a hit of organic fertilizer.
  • Remember to massage the roots and break them up a bit.  This prevents them from growing in a ball and never really living up to their expectations.
  • Plants love their space so they don’t have to compete for sunlight and water.
  • All of these plants can be grown in pots, but will do better in a nicely prepared garden space.
  • These starts are in small containers and can dry up quickly.  They usually need a little water every day if they are in full-sun.

If you’re someone who really likes to start at the beginning, we sell an assortment of seed packets from Baker Creek, a great heirloom seed company out of Missouri. They opened a seed bank up in Petaluma and from their collection I selected a handful of varietals that grow well in our SF climate. Just $2.50 a pack, give it a try!

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