The Citrus Bomb has exploded

It’s been a slow build…tick….tick…tick….and boom–we currently have 20 varieties of California citrus on the shelves of our produce department! California citrus usually hits its peak in the beginning of February so we are just getting started.  We love to focus on unique varieties that offer a wide range of flavor.  The Cara Cara Red Navel which originated in Venezuela is getting better every day with its sweet flavor and tender pulp and overtones of raspberries and strawberries. The Moro Blood Orange which originated in Sicily has a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. It is a very rich and juicy piece of citrus that is great for juicing, cooking or segmenting on top of a chicory salad.  The Bergamot Orange is an acidic piece of citrus with a peel that yields an essential oil most commonly recognized in Earl Grey Tea.  They work great for candied confections and marmalade (for which we also have Seville Oranges, which are traditionally most often used for marmalade). We have plenty of easing peeling, sweet flavored varieties like the Satsuma, Clementine and Page  Mandarins.  The Citrus Wall at Bi-Rite changes throughout the season with bite-sized Kishu Mandarins and Kumquats just around the corner, and everyone’s favorite seedless “candy-like” Pixie Tangerines coming in March.  Please come in anytime and ask the produce clerks for a tasty sample!

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