The Early Girls are Here!

Early Girls right off the vine at Tomatero Farm

Get ready for the best tomatoes you’ve ever had…

Dry Farmed Early Girl Tomatoes have arrived to our produce section!  Happy Boy Farms and Tomatero Farm, both amazing organic growers in the Watsonville area, will be supplying these vine-ripe bright red globes of juice and flavor.  The unique growing conditions of dry farming (these farms are close to the coast, with cool enough temperatures and rich enough soil for extremely minimal irrigation) lend to an extra flavorful piece of fruit. These super sweet tomatoes are the best we’ve found, and really enhance the eating experience whether you use them for a raw tomato salad, a rich tomato sauce or even just eating out of hand as a snack.

Happy Boy and Tomatero are now delivering these to us twice a week, and we’ll offer a 10% discount if you want to buy a whole case and share with some lucky friends. We should have a steady supply from now until late October or early November if we’re lucky….don’t miss out, the flavor and sweetness can’t be beat!


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